ProOne Energy

ProOne Extreme lubricants for drilling and completions

ProOne Energy has developed proprietary breakthrough lubrication technology that is 50 times more powerful than typical lubricants. They are designed to reduce heat and friction under the most extreme conditions.Powered by XPL+® Technology, ProOne has created an industrial line of core lubricants and drilling fluids designed to protect rig equipment and enhance drilling performance. From engines and pumps, to top drives and rotary tables, ProOne has you covered. 

Major Drilling

Major Drilling - Preset Surface casing and drill shallow wells

Save time and money by presetting your surface casing for deep wells or utilize a smaller foot print on shallow wells in the Oil & Gas and Geothermal Industries. This is much more cost effective than having a large oil rig starting from surface or mobilizing in for a shallow well. Major Drilling offers the best drilling services while maintaining high safety standards that are unparalleled in the drilling industry.   

Oil Command

Oil Command digital field ticketing software

Remove paperwork distractions and stay focused on the job at hand with an easy to use electronic field ticket management system. Oil Command provides custom digital ticketing software through an online cloud portal allowing service companies and operators to manage their ticketing and invoicing from project start to finish. Cut ticketing costs by 80% and double staff productivity in WEEK ONE with Oil Command, schedule your demo today.