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Drilling Consulting | Project Management | Drilling Engineering


Our vision is to provide an quality drilling engineering and consulting services to the Oil & Gas and Geothermal Industries. 


It is the mission of TSCOT Drilling Solutions to develop strong relationships with suppliers in the drilling industry and ensure that our suppliers are taken care of while providing quality engineering and consulting services and materials to various operators.


Teamwork: We work as a team and succeed as a team. Collaboration, communication and openness will ensure that directives are understood and projects are completed efficiently and safely.  

Safety:  Safety is our most important priority. We ensure that all members of our drilling team and others working on our projects perform their jobs in a safe manner. Anybody and everybody have STOP work authority if they see an unsafe situation. 

Communication: Good communication is key to a successful operation and compliments great teamwork.   

Open-Mindedness: Be willing to try new things and consider new ideas. Every member of the team may bring a different perspective on the common goal. 

Trust: is the belief and confidence that a person or organization will act with the utmost integrity, reliability and fairness. If we don’t have trust then we don’t have an effective team.  

Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE)

Our goal is to provide an incident-free work environment. Our managing staff, site supervisors, and contractors are accountable for the safety of the people on our project locations and are committed to ensuring that they have safe working equipment, required personal protection and training for their tasks.

HSE Manual