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Drilling Consulting | Project Management | Drilling Engineering


Drilling Consulting | Project Management | Drilling Engineering

Drilling Engineering & Project Management

 Tim Jayne, owner of TSCOT Drilling Solutions,  is an experienced drilling engineer and provides drilling engineering and project management services ensuring your projects are drilled safely, under budget, and efficiently.   

Through TSCOT we  help your company on your entire well or at any phase in your drilling process.

Wellsite & Safety Supervision

Tim can also provide  wellsite & safety supervision on your drilling site either as a full time consultant or to fill in where needed.  We also have an extensive network of highly qualified and experienced Wellsite & Safety Supervisors that have worked in both Oil and Gas and Geothermal Drilling operations should you require more than just one consultant.

Procurement & Sourcing

Tim has extensive experience in bidding out projects and saving operators money. We have a large network of suppliers and go the extra mile to ensure that your company gets the best price available in the market for each service and/or goods you’re looking for.

Budgeting & Cost Analysis

Tim has designed and managed hundreds of oil & gas and geothermal wells. We can evaluate your drilling programs and find ways to cut costs or simply assist in creating your budgets and AFE’s. 

Supplier & Contract Management

Should your suppliers already be in place TSCOT Drilling Solutions can manage them and ensure that all costs are accurate on a day to day basis. We can also evaluate your current quotes and contracts and assist in negotiating costs.

Safety Procedures and Management

With an extensive knowledge of drilling safety procedure and policies TSCOT Drilling Solutions can prepare safety guidelines and procedures to bridge any gaps between corporate safety policies and policies and SIMOPS procedures requited on a rig site.   

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